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PIA Max Turn Tab

PIA Max Turn Tab


When MAX TURN is activated, BOIDs are limited in the turning angle that they can make. For example, planes and cars cannot turn completely around instantaneously.


  • Maximum Turn: This value sets the maximum turning angle (in degrees per second). For example, setting this value to 180 (degrees) with fps (keyframes per second) set at 10, BOID turning is limited to 18 (180 / 10) degrees per keyframe.
  • Maximum Vel Change: Most real objects cannot go from a stationary position (no velocity) to a high speed instantaneously. This value limits the amount of change in velocity BOIDs can exhibit (measured in feet per second per second).

Tips and Limitations​Edit

  1. If the MAX TURN rule is not activated, these parameters have no effect.
  2. The key difference between these two parameters is that Max Turn only looks at the heading change of the BOID (in the x,y plane). It does not (currently) consider the change in pitch (up/down) in this calculation.