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Separation V2


When SEPARATION is activated, BOIDs will attempt to keep some predefined safe distance between themselves and all other BOIDs. You can think of this like BOIDs attempting to keep some personal space. This works to counteract too much COHESION.

Separation Graph
Activate SEPARATION Rule

Check this box to activate the Separation rule.

Separation StrengthEdit

This value determines how strong the desire is to keep the specified safe distance. Higher values will increase the desire to keep a safe distance. Negative values will force BOIDs to stay within the separation distance, even becoming a single “blob.” If SEPARATION is deactivated, this parameter has no effect.

Separation DistanceEdit

This value is the safe distance (measured in feet) BOIDs will attempt to keep from others in the group. Other forces, such as trying to stay within the defined boundary or cohesion, may still cause BOIDs to squeeze close together.

Tips and LimitationsEdit

  1. A value of 1.0 is a "nominal" value. A value of 2.0 will create twice the separation force, while a value of 0.5 will create half the force.
  2. Negative values will have the opposite effect - forcing BOIDs to move closer together until they are within Separation Distance. If Alignment and Cohesion are also active, BOIDs will soon take up the same physical space.
  3. This rule has no effect on BOIDs when others are outside the separation distance.


Most animals have a "personal space" that they prefer to maintain. For vehicles, such as airplanes and ships, will also maintain a safe distance.